European terminal standard

The current rating of components in Europe is determined by monitoring the temperature of the metal conductor as the current increases.
04 2021/02

Domestic terminal molds lead the development of terminal blocks

The manufacturing of terminal molds affects the quality of the terminals, especially in the essential position of the terminal.
04 2021/02

Identification and analysis of terminal quality

In recent years, the domestic terminal mold industry, as a member of the mold industry, has had many products with good sales, but profits have been hovering at a low level.
04 2021/02

A variety of PCB terminal blocks, continuous innovation in connection technology

It is suitable for connecting the LED module on the back. The height of the module on the front of the PCB board is only 1.1 mm, which can greatly reduce the influence of its shadow on the LED and simplify the wiring work. It is an ideal choice for linear LED modules and ultra-flat lamps.
04 2021/02

China's industrial robot servo control system usage rises, the terminal market is optimistic

Intelligence is a development direction of automatic control at present. Intelligent control technology enables the control system to have artificial intelligence characteristics through methods such as self-learning, self-adaptation, self-coordination, self-diagnosis and self-correction.
04 2021/02

Common faults and solutions in the use of terminal blocks

The plastic insulating material and conductive parts of the terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, and they respectively determine the insulation and conductivity of the terminal.
04 2021/02
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